8 May 2014

Essential Oils: Nuxe, Trilogy and Kiehl's

In all of my time testing skin nourishing beauty products I have never been so surprised or overwhelmed by any cosmetic compared to these three oils: Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe, Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehl's and Trilogy's Rosehip Oil - the jewel in the crown.

The difference in my skin happened so quickly that I, having earned the right to be somewhat skeptical with any product I try no matter how much or little it costs, was completely taken aback. I would almost urge anyone who would like to give their skin some nourishment and be as pleasantly surprised as I was to try out at least one of these oils. This, for me, serves as a public service announcement: try these three oils and give your face and body a little extra love.

As I've already posted an article on Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate by itself I won't go into much more detail other than the fact that this was the first skincare product ever to really blow me away by living up to its promise of a noticeable difference in your skin overnight after two or three drops before bed. When I found this product my skin had never been in such bad condition due to a period of illness. It was so rough and upset, which I'd never experienced to that extent before, so I was pretty desperate to find something that was even slightly nourishing but I really never expected the difference when I looked in the mirror the next morning and also when I felt how suddenly soft my skin was for the first time in months! Overnight!

As with any skincare products, what might suit one may not suit another so you can ask in any Kiehl's store for a tester which lasts four or five nights, which is how I discovered the product and the brand in the first place. If it's for you I can guarantee you'll notice a change the next morning and, if it can nourish skin that was at the extreme mine was in so quickly, you'll grow very fond of the product in no time and it is the ultimate nighttime treat to pop on just before bed. It's a non-greasy oil and absorbs into your skin easily and goes to work when your body is rejuvenating while you sleep.

Midnight Recovery hydrates and soothes skin of any kind and leaves you looking considerably more refreshed and glowing the next morning. And you literally only need a couple of drops so the 30ml bottle has lasted me up to nine months.
An essential beauty product for every bedside locker, in my opinion.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate costs €42.50 for 30ml and is available from Kiehl's on Wicklow Street, Dundrum Town Centre and Arnott's on Henry Street.

Next up is the big wow: Trilogy Rosehip Oil. I was recommended this after being left with some pretty horrible looking surgical scars. You have to wait until they're healed up to the extent of no broken skin before you apply anything of this nature so it was a few months after when I tried this. I had been using bio oil and I just couldn't see an improvement so I was pretty skeptical when I was told to get this by someone who had similar scars to  me. But lo and behold! Within two weeks the scarring had faded quicker than it had for months prior to this so I've used it religiously ever since. The relevance of this tale is if this little bottle of goodness can make such an improvement to such severe scarring, the wonders of that it can do in other aspects are amazing. I swear by this oil now and recommend it to everyone for everything from scarring to stretch marks to fine lines. 

Trilogy's Rosehip oil is certified organic and contains a minimum of 80% essential fatty acid (omega 3 and 6) and, so sure the brand is in their product, they have put their Rosehip Oil out there for independent testing and the stats are extremely impressive. For scars 41% of those tested noticed an improvement in the colour of scars over 12 weeks, 43% saw an improvement in visible area of stretch marks, 44% saw an improvement in skin moisture and 23% saw an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.

Since I started using this product I've bought it a dozen times and use it for all of the above; on my cheeks, stretch marks and scars and I can't be without a bottle of it.

This wonder oil doesn't come cheap so I try to use it as sparingly as possible for concentrated areas such as scars and on my face as an anti-aging product but if I could afford it I'd use it every day on hips and thighs too! Overall, I couldn't recommend this product enough.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is quite widely available from most health shops and some chemists. Never pay more than the standard price of €19.95 for the 20ml bottle or €39.95 for 45ml bottle as these are the standard prices but I've seen one chain charge a couple of euro more. I usually buy mine from Nourish.

Finally, more of an indulgence than the other two, Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse is a dry oil that peaked my interest after seeing it mentioned on a lot of beauty blogs where I noticed the high regard it was generally held in. And, once I bought it, I could see why. It's the most gorgeous oil to apply from head to toe. I used some in my hair recently when it got so suddenly tangled there was no way of brushing it out, I pop it on my cheeks regularly when they need a bit of attention and hydration and it's such a treat to use all over your body for the hydration, the nourishment, the healthy sheen it leaves and also the most heavenly smell I've ever come across!

The French brand Nuxe created the oil in 1991 to accommodate the needs of a young mother, Aliza Jabes, who needed a nourishing, hydrating oil to suit a hectic lifestyle. As the website tells us, the multi-purpose dry oil nourishes, repairs and protects the face, body and hair with a unique concentration of Precious Plant Oils (30%) and Vitamin E. It can basically be used all over without leaving a greasy feeling.

Nuxe is such a high quality brand, I can't wait to try more from their range!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse can be bought in a 50ml bottle for €18.95 or in a 100ml bottle for €31.95 and is available in many chemists and department stores nationwide as well as Marks & Spencers. The best thing about the bigger bottle, besides the obvious extra value in price, is that it comes with a spray nozzle which gives much more control when you're using it. When you pour out the 50ml bottle there's a slight risk of spilling or just pouring way more than you need out by accident. Huile Prodigieuse Or is also available which is the same as the original oil but has gold shimmer running through it which looks amazing with a healthy colour of sun on your skin.

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